Open Source Camp

5 de Abril de [email protected]:30_18:30
Rua do Fogo de Santelmo
2.07.02, 1990-110 Lisboa

Open Source Camp
The first Open Source Development Conference organized by Microsoft Portugal and powered by Bright Pixel, is now a reality!

We know it’s very, very hard for some of you to believe it, but… this isn’t the Oscars and “This is not a joke!”.
Yes, Microsoft has big love for Open Source. So much that we are even the largest corporate contributor to open source software on GitHub.
This camp is about deep content and incredible technology so we’ve built our agenda with more than 25 sessions, on topics such as Docker, Blockchain, .NET Core, ElasticSearch, Linux, Bots, React, Kubernetes, Serverless and others.

Undoubtedly, this is “the” event to all of you working professionally or interested in the open source perspective!

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